Top Five Natural Wonders Of Serbia

Top Five Natural Wonders Of Serbia you have to visit

1. DjAVOLjA VAROŠ / DjAVOLjA VAROS (eng. Devil’s Town)

It is located below Radan Mountain, 27 km southeast of Kuršumlija.

At an altitude of 600 meters, this unusual and rare scene of about 200 relief figures, formed by multiple erosive processes, and which are opposed to the left and right sides of the cliff form two “mahals” – the Djavolja jaruga (eng. lit. “Devil’s Ravine”) and Paklena jaruga (eng. lit. “Hell of Ravine”) . What is important for this place is the Red Springs, a source of mineral water, which is not for drinking, but the locals claim that it is medicinal and that it needs to wash sick places.

What has always been to follow this place are many legends, the most famous of which are these figures are the wedding guests, who went to marry their brother and sister, and whom God had mercifully, in order to prevent sin. Because of its extraordinary unusual exposition, and because of the legend, which give an additional dose of mystique to this place, the Devil’s Town daily attracts tourists all over the world, and is also nominated for the world wonder of nature.



In the south-west of Serbia it extends over the territory of the municipalities of Sjenica and Nova Varos, and it has been protected since 1971. You wonder why?

Due to incredible beauty and great natural wealth. One of the first things everyone thinks about when talking about Uvac are beautiful meanders of the same river, ranging from the hydroelectric power plant “Kokin brod” to the village Krstac on the way to Sjenica.

Meanders, which can be seen from numerous gazes from the surrounding villages, are adorned with the only natural habitat of white-headed vultures in Serbia (along the Trešnjica canyon). It is said that the first encounter with incredible birds, whose wings range can reach up to three meters, truly unique if you are lucky, as some of the many tourists coming to this region, you can also see a unique dance of griffon vapors during mating (flying to incredible heights, claws claws and then make a free fall) In one word – incredible.

In addition to the small caves where these beautiful birds are hiding, the Uvac Reserve in its cliffs also covers several large caves, the largest of which is still underdeveloped, Ice Cave (2.5 km long) that attracts you with its beautiful halls and clear lakes. If you do not have enough to just look at the meanders, you can cruise them with boats, and you can also fish for that fish if you are a fishing enthusiast since Uvac is very rich in trout, carp etc.


3. NACIONALNI PARK TARA / Tara National Park

Tara is one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, under dense coniferous and deciduous forests covered with pastures and meadows. More and more rare are these oases of untouched nature, and one of them is Tara mountain in western Serbia. The mountainside, the Drina River, viewed from numerous gazebos, looks like a thin, green line drawn into the canyon massif. Translucently clear, green water, scary in the canyons, attracts the beauties of its shores and the richness of the water world in nature lovers of nature and fishing. In order to preserve rare plant and animal species and their communities, preserve and improve the natural environment and special natural values, preserve and protect cultural and historical monuments, research and use for the development of culture, education, science and recreation, in 1981, the Tara area was declared National park. The area of Tara National Park is located on 19,200 ha, while under the forest there are about 13,000 ha.

As an economic activity that destroys most of all natural resources, tourism is the only explicitly accepted activity on Tara. In mountainous conditions, tourism is interested in preserving and promoting natural resources because their “raw material” is a condition for earning income. Tara National Park has exceptional conditions for the development of almost all forms of recreational activity, that is tourism. Tara National Park is a well-known and traditional summer and winter recreation area. Favorable climates conditions, a large number of sunny days, a medium height of about 1000 m and natural beauty provide all the conditions for a pleasant stay, walks and hiking; a large lake on the Drina River and in the Rzava Valley for water sports; mountain slopes and waves of winter sports grounds, and a wealth of diverse game for hunting tourism. A large number of resorts, hiking and hunting houses, accommodation in domestic work allows you to stay in different categories of visitors. For them there are sports fields, swimming pools and promenades on Tara, and hiking and walks are marked for mountaineers and other nature lovers. When nature grants such beauty to one place, then it is predetermined for the preservation of the human health, beauty and joy of life.

4. CARSKA BARA / Imperial Swamp

Carska Bara / Imperial Swamp is located 17 km south of Zrenjanin and about 2 km from the main road Zrenjanin-Belgrade, and occupies an area of ​​about 1600 hectares. The Austro-Hungarian throne and the victim of the Sarajevo assassination, Ferdinand, gladly hunted the parsons of this pine, and hence the name “Imperial”.
A special natural value for the complex of the Imperial Ponds and the abandoned stream of the Begej River gives mosaic, aquatic, grassy and forest vegetation, as well as a variety of animal species, in which the central place occupies the wealth of the bird world – ornithofauna. More than 200 bird species have been registered at the Carska Bara/ Imperial Swamp, among which are the true rarities – specimens of endangered species of herons, cormorants, dwarfs, ducks …. The wetland vegetation of the area consists of interesting plant species, today rare and endangered, such as white and yellow loneliness or wetland orchids, while the area around the pond was covered with long-standing cannabis and poplar plantations.
Imperial Swamp was placed under protection as a natural scientific-research area. Hunting and fishing tourism has been developed around the bay. In the tourist offer of the Imperial Swampis also a rental boat  for sightseeing of the ponds and its picturesque shores (capacity of 50 seats), and the bar itself is surrounded by several kilometers of forest paths intended for nature lovers. At the entrance to the reservation guests are welcomed by the hotel “Sibila”, capacity of 40 beds, with a national restaurant specializing in the preparation of fish and game, as well as a canvas intended for holiday excursion, with one useful warning: barbecue ignition is prohibited!




It is located in the southeast of Serbia, on the territory of the municipality of Surdulica.

The surface of the lake is 16 km2 and the depth is up to 35 m. The lake is surrounded by mountains Gramada, Vardenik and Čemernik. It is located at 1,213 m above sea level. In the lake every minute comes two cubes of water of the first quality. Vlasina, Vrla, Jerma, Božička Reka and Ljubotenska Reka with their tributaries make a basin of the lake.

The so-called floating islands, which are created during the rise of the water level of the lake, are the specificity of Vlasina Lake. The islands are peat, a product of centuries-old decomposition of peat bogs. Flooded islands with their dense vegetation sail along a 16km2 large lake and are a true attraction. By uniqueness in the world they make a bait for tourists.

The natural beauties and rarities of this area include: mountains, gorges, waterfalls, springs, rivers, flora and fauna, as well as the blessedness of the climate and quietness of the mountain nature. More than 300 herbs around the lake have been registered.

What is characteristic of the flora is, of course, a very rare plant of the carnivorous tree called Rosulus.

Vlasina Lake is rich in grunge, clay, catfish, carp, white amurus and trout. The climate is sub-planar, with short, dry, fresh flights and cold winters. Due to all these features of the area, research by the Institute for Nature Protection is under way in order to protect this area as a nature park.

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