The Doomsday Asteroid


65 MILLION YEARS AGO,dinosaurs suddenly became extinct together with  a large number of other species. But why did it happen?!?

Many scientist belive that the cause was a large asteroid crashing into the Eart. According to this theory, the asteroid threw huge amounts of dust and water vapour into the atmosphere blocking out the light of the sun, the vegetation died off and the dinosaurs starved to death. Evidence for the theory came in 1992 when scientist in Mexico an underground crater 175 kilometeres wide, which turned out to be excatly 65 million years old.

The crater was probably caused by an asteroid 10 km in diameter hiting the Earth at thousends of miles an hour with the force of 70 million one megaton bombs. According to David Raup of the University of Chicago this was just one of many such cases. He says that asteroid caused more than half of species extinctions since life on Earth began 600 million years ago. If he’s right it seems likely that Homo sapiens will end its days in the same way.

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