Trains, frogs, Abba, counthing sheep….

What do trains, frogs, Abba, counting sheep, motorbikes and a mother’s hearbeat all have in common?


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How about tuning your radio to an all-day Swiss yodelling channel or settling down to an evening of uninterrupted Buddhist chanting?

From the 440 radio channels available on Osaka Yusen Broadcasting, Japans largest cable-radio netwoer, subscribers can tune into a channel featuring 24 hours of croaking frogs or one that consists of the sound of trains pulling in and out of stations.

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As well as the sounds of cicadas or percolating coffee, Osaka Yusen offers nearly 100 channels of announcer fee jazz,rock,classical music, Second World War military marches, and folk music from all over the world. Sheena Easton, Abba and Lionel Richie each have entire channels to themselves, although the repetition rate must be almost as high as that of an in flight music channel. One student says that he most often listen to the channel that plays the sound of revving motorcycle engine.

Motorbikes sound

For those in search of more intellectual background sounds for their dinner parties, there is always the abacus lesson channel or a range of talks on spiritual development. But anyone tired of all the above should adjuct their sets to drowsing channels and tune into the sheep counting station, for example which features a mature male voice slowly counting from one to a thousand. Then he starts again. In the background, there is the faint sound of a traing moving slowly along a railway track.

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For busy executives wishing to calm down after an awful day at work, there is a channel of slow synthesiser music and another carrying only the sound of a mothers heartbeat. According to the company: “Babies listen to this noise before they are born. Its a natural relaxant.”

Did you know that?!?

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