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Endangered species: rhinos – PART 1


rhinoceros extinct - rhinoplasty


  • Most rhinos live in Africa. There was two African species: the black rhino which lives in East Africa and the white rhino was live in Southern Africa. There are also few rhinos in Asia, mainly in India.
  • Over the last 20 years numbers of rhinos have dropped rapidly: there are now fewer than 10,000 in the whole world, and the number is still falling.
  • The main threat to rhinos is from poachers, who hunt them for their “horns” which are in fact made of stiff hair. The horns are sold in the Middle  East where they are used to make dagger handles, and also in the  Far East, where they are used in medicines and aphrodisiacs.
  • Trading in rhino horn is illegal, but it is still continuing. Unless more is done to protect them, they will almost certainly become extinct.

We lost the last northern white rhinoceros on the planet

The last male of the white rhinoceros in the world died after “complications related to age,” investigators said.

white rhino conservation


A Kenyan reservation said the 45-year-old rhinoceros was given euthanasia on Monday after his condition was “significantly worsened” and could no longer stand.

The rhinoceros was part of an ambitious lifesaving effort, and a subspecies of extinction, along with two females, reminds AP.

rhinoceros conservation

The Sudan lived in Kenya, in the Ol Peat Conservancy Reserve, where armed guards protected it for 24 hours a day and was equipped with radio transmitters so that guards can find it in the event of a loss of vision.

“He was a lovely gentle giant, although many were scared of him by size,” said a resident representative.

rhinoceros protection

Only two females of the Northern White Rhino remained in the world, and scientists managed to extract Sudan’s genetic material in the hope that it would succeed in seizing one of the two remaining females.



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